Please check back soon to see if these dates have become available. This should be enough time to receive your pass, however, we would advise getting this earlier to ensure you have the pass before you go. You do have a limit of the number of passes you can buy per year and per week. *Offer not combinable with other offers or discounts. Les cookies peuvent impliquer la transmission dinformations entre vous et nous. If you are unable to see the buy button when checking the price, you may need to change your settings. Apparently we can make individual payments each month but havent got all of the required info from Disney to do this (they only sent the IBAN and BIC. Privilege Ticket prices from March 31st, 2022 to October 3rd, 2022 included: 42 in low season and 61 in high season for the Annual Infinity Pass and, 57 in low season and 66 in high season for the Magic Plus Annual Pass. This could save you some money, and as you are staying in a Disney hotel, you would not need to worry about booking your Advanced Registration. Meeting Disney Characters and Princesses. Effective immediately, Disneyland Paris has increased Annual Passes prices by about 10%. Thanks so much for this very detailed guide. Enjoy the magic whenever you please for 1 whole year Discovery Magic Flex Magic Plus Infinity Validity period of your Annual Pass Benefits 150 days/ per year Except the second and third days following the production of the definitive Annual Pass 300 days per year Hi, if I do pay monthly annual passes would applying 1 month before I go be enough time. Park reservations may only be redeemed on dates that the associated admission ticket or pass is valid. Marne-la-Valle Born April 12, 1992 Joined March 2010. Unused reservations expire at the end of the day and are forfeited.In the event that a park reservation has not been cancelled or used on the reserved day, Euro Disney reserves the right to deny access to the Park Reservation System and/or to cancel any other reservation made with the same Non-Dated Park Access during the 14 following days. copy of a photo identification, eg passport. Can you advise please? Access to Extra Magic Time is also possible for holders of Privilege Tickets, when in the presence of the Annual Pass member. Most bookings ask for names of all guests, and it may be worth changing your name to the additional family member. (6) Purchase restricted to one Annual PhotoPass+ per Annual Pass holder. Access to the car park is strictly for personal use. Weve turned them round but they still appear sideways. Please note, since the closure of the Annual Pass location within the parks, you now exchange this at the ticket office by the entrance to the Walt Disney Studios park. Thank you. Once we added picture and info and hit save we got a message saying something like file complete so all appears to be done. You would need to book your first 3 days and then book the 4th day once you have checked into the park on your first day. signature (your signature). Privilege Ticket prices beyond March 29th, 2022 have not been determined at the date of publication of this document; consult our site regularly for these prices. Guests who have a voucher or e-voucher to be redeemed against a park ticket cannot make a reservation using the online Park Reservation System and must call Disneyland Paris Central Reservation Office help with their reservation on the appropriate number indicated in the list below: United Kingdom: 03301231644 / Ireland: 016058383 / France: 0160303030 / Italy: 022154445 / Nederland 0207219362 / Germany: 06913804108 / Wallonie: 026200654 / Flanders: 026200657 / Switzerland (Italian): 0444301881 / Switzerland (German): 0444301661 / Switzerland (French): 0444303993 / Denmark: 70120212 / Sweden: 0771346494 / Norway: 81062030 / Finland: 0033160306070 / Austria: 013602771801. We paid with the single payment option and was prompted to sign into my usual Disney account to complete the purchase and download our photos etc. How long do they usually take to respond? Back to nervously refreshing the availability calendar I have booked a partner hotel for my first visit, so fingers crossed the stars align! Alternatively call the Annual Passport office in Disneyland Paris using the phone number 08448 008 898. I have done all the above, so I have to send documents off in the post? However, this is the only hotel we have not stayed at and we would recommend confirming this with Disneyland Paris. Guests holding a holiday package organized by Euro DisneyAssocis S.A.S. USA TODAY. Disneyland Paris se rserve le droit de modifier, retarder ou annuler sans pravis laccs aux spectacles et animations, notamment en cas de conditions climatiques dfavorables et de scurit insuffisante. Thanks wanted to 100% sure . See list and conditions in store. The AP are under large family not from another AP. Disneyland ParkFeel a dreamy nostalgia at Walt Disney's original theme park, where you can float through 8 themed lands, meet Disney Princesses, encounter a variety of Star Wars experiences and take in mesmerizing entertainment. Thankyou so much for this! (7) Discounts are applicable on meals and non-alcoholic drinks in the restaurants of the Hotels and Parks of Disneyland Paris, as well as in those of at Disney Village mentioned below: Annette's Diner, La Grange, New York Style Sandwiches and The Steakhouse, the discount is valid for 6 people (including the Annual Pass holder). If you have any questions please do leave us a comment, or send us a message on our Instagram page @my_castle_club. I have managed to pay for the initial 60 EUROS and will be paying monthly for the Inifinity annual pass. Many are speculating that. I have tried to upload a photo onto the website but when I press the download picture button nothing happens. fait a (your name), We tried to call and get 2 infinity passes but we were told we only had 60 days to get to the park and activate them so we didnt buy them as we probably wont be going until spring/summer but wanted to use the discounts to book dates and hotels. your order confirmation number We told you yesterday that Disneyland has suspended sales of all levels of its new . Guests with a Billet Privilge can also enjoy the Extra Magic Time as long as the Annual Pass holder is with them. Disney Euro Disney Associs S.A.S. What a, DISNEYLAND PARIS ATTRACTION CLOSURES Find all you need to know about our enhanced health and safety measures. You can usually deduct the price of a single day ticket from an Annual Pass when upgrading at the park, however, we had had mixed feedback when trying to upgrade from a Hotel/Ticket package. It wont let me collect them if I pay monthly, If we go for the deliver to home option and it hasnt arrived in time can I still pick up at the desk? I didnt try it though so cant comment if there is a way to make it work and apologies I forgot to copy the message so I could post it here. When you order online for delivery to your home the start date is usually when the Annual Pass is processed and shipped. We have our guide to buy the pass online here. If you still havent heard anything after 7 days we would advise calling DLP. Be sure to sign in to your existing Disney accountor create a new onevia (2) Disney Parks Guest Parking is free for light-duty vehicles and motorcycles during the days of validity of your Annual Pass until the closure time of Disneyland Park (only for Magic Flex, Magic Plus and Infinity Pass holders). Your email address will not be published. Gillian, We would have thought you would be receiving them any time now, we have seen delivery as quick as 8 days and some over 2 weeks. Congrats on joining the DLP annual pass club! However, we do commonly see more days become available closer to the date (but this is not guaranteed). If you were to go second time, we would say upgrading to a Disneyland Annual Pass would be worth it. If I purchased an annual pass now, would I get any discount on the booking I have already made? if you call the AP line, will they tell you the hotel discount for specific dates without having purchased the AP? Done all steps got to where you download form ( mandat de prlvement sepa ) at bottom where u sign and date there is another space with fait _ _ _ _ _ what do I put here . Simply enter your Annual Pass number and choose the dates of your visit. They are benefits of both of these options. Hi. Had the email with our pass numbers 3 days later and was able to reserve 2 days in the park for September, so all should be ok.Just worried that the physical passes have still not arrived. I have been trying to get passes now for 3 days and Im truly getting fed up. Also do I need to send just photo id like passport, or do I also need a bank statement with IBAN on it? Do you know if you can take off the cost of a one day ticket if you opt to buy online to take advantage of being able to pay monthly? On July 6, Disneyland Paris announced a fee-based Fast Pass system called "Premier Access.". No, Annual Passholders do not need to book and use one of their available days when staying in a Disneyland Paris hotel. Could you please let me know where to send filled in documents? Travelling to Disneyland from Gare du Nord in Paris. We are going in May 2023. Thankyou for the advice to use PayPal to pay for our passes on the French website worked like a charm. Thanks for your comment. I read online that you can only buy 5 per week. Should I have received one? The latest Google Chrome update for Android now make it even easier for you to buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass on Android or Samsung mobile phone! thank you so much, Yes, you can call the DLP booking line and they should be able to advise you of the price, however, they wont be able to complete the booking. To register, simply follow the steps below and count down the days before the Big Day! Thats great news and we are glad to hear you got your passes so quick! You can purchase an annual pass for Disneyland Paris in four ways. See the screenshots below which shows the same page with the additional option, but it is now displayed in english using this option. Free parking does not apply during special events (except for the events reserved for Annual Pass holders). - Rechercher sur disneyland paris, ce domaine dispose d'un menu contextuel d'auto-suggestion. Please also remember if you do use your annual pass to make sure you also get a room key to guarantee your entry, otherwise you will need to book into the parks. It took a week to get 2 of the 3 AP #s to make a reservation and I had to call to get the 3rd number. Your personal information will be used in order to handle your Disney Premier Access Ultimate** purchase cancellation request. With several Magic Key pass types featuring a variety of reservation-based admission opportunities, discounts and prices, you can select the pass that's right for you. Everything was pretty straightforward thanks to the guide, I did have some issues with the payment (we did one off) when trying to pay with a card but then re-read the guide and saw it said try paypal which did work tried various cards with no success and got an error about the bank not authorizing it but we didnt get an payment authorization request by the bank app as you would have expected but as I say then succeeded with paypal. Please ensure you have the following information ready to complete all the required information. However, you should notice a small popup occur in the top right-hand corner of the website asking if you would like to translate the page. Hi! Disneyland Paris se rserve le droit de modifier, retarder ou annuler sans pravis laccs aux spectacles et animations, notamment en cas de conditions climatiques dfavorables et de scurit insuffisante. 0:33. They advised that it will take up to 25 working days for this to be processed and for them to confirm our AP details and dispatch the passes. Hi i was looking at getting the annual pass for the whole family 4 of us online. The Annual PhotoPass+ is valid for one year starting from the first photo linked to it (instead of 10 days for the classic PhotoPass+ available in shops for the price of 74.99). Hi, no we are stopping off site Val DEurope. Will this PDF give me access to the park? You could purchase 2 Annual Passes and then purchase privilege tickets for your children. One thing we did when we had a similar issue was to clear the devise cache (web history) and then try again following our guide How to buy DLP Annual Pass online. According to the DLP website The Les Villages Nature Paris is classed as a Disney Hotel and not a partner hotel. Thanks. If you get it sent to your home address, you will be able to book up to 3 days into the park once your pass number has been assigned. Enjoy our 50 attractions, themed restaurants and beloved Disney Characters! Welcome to the official Facebook group for Disneyland Paris Annual Passholders! THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE PARK RESERVATION SYSTEM, YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS AND YOUR DUTIES, IN PARTICULAR IN THE CONTEXT OF COVID-19 AND ANY OTHER COMMUNICABLE OR INFECTIOUS DISEASE.I. With this number I have been able to link my annual pass in the Disneyland Paris app and I can reserve park days but at the moment I can only reserve 1 day (my understanding was as I got it delivered home this should be 3) and I cannot yet log into the annual passholder portal and havent been given further info such as how to book hotels with the discount so its like its not fully loaded in the system as yet but getting there. Disneyland Paris has started implementing a "MagicPass" system, where you have a plastic hotel key that contains your park tickets, hotel key, and (in some cases) charging capability. Add your Ticket(s) and/or Pass(es) to your Disney Account. So if I follow your guide, complete the documents and everything it will be activated and we dont have to physically go to the park to activate them within 60days? Thank you and if you have any questions please do let us know, Glad it was useful to share my experiences and thanks for your reply :). For the fields you would need to insert Do you know if the annual pass can be mailed to Japan? Hello, If you have any other questions please do let us know, hey thank you for the blog. I am guessing if that does not work I need to post everything to them directly and include a passport style photograph of myself? usually the card arrives around 14 days after all details have been confirmed. Do you think it would be wise buying a one day ticket for the 29th December and whilst on site, upgrade to the AP or purchase the AP relatively soon in order for it to be here in time? I have three questions Yes, if you follow this guide and buy the pass online it will be activated when it is dispatched. many thanks. Weve been asked many times how we buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online, as many of our followers and website visitors are unable to see a purchase option when viewing the Disneyland Paris website. If a specific date is indicated on your Ticket, you do not need to register in advance. Thanks. We would advise you call Disneyland Paris and explain this issue and they will be able to provide some resolutions. signed copies of all documents required This benefit is not applicable in Disneyland Paris hotel bars. Cancelling your registration does not affect the validity of your Ticket. Thrilled! This would mean you get access to all the benefits straight away and take advantage of the Hotel discounts for your trip in May. It usually takes about 5-7 days to get an email containing your annual pass number (after completing all steps), once you have this you will be able to book your days into the park. I have just bought a pass and i go next month!! I am not sure what has happened in this instance as we completed these steps only a few weeks ago and this was not flagged with this potential issue and we have set up our monthly payment plan with a UK bank account. Are you staying in a Disney hotel, as this would make a difference in our recommendations for this. If you do send them via email please do ensure you include the order number/reference. We are looking to go to village nature in November for 7 days and looking to do 3 days in Disney, would I benefit from an annual pass? I uploaded the photos successfully but it hasnt asked me to complete a print my contract form? Vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur les cookies et leurs fonctions de faon gnrale en visitant un site dinformation tel que If you buy on-site, the Discovery pass has a two-day waiting period before you can use it. Please contact your bank or use another payment method. There is a bit of a process to getting Disneyland Paris annual passes. Since 1992, we have always sought to integrate our host territory in a balanced and sustainable way, raising awareness of our citizens on environmental and social issues. You can post or email these for s to the annual pass team. Just ask to speak to the annual pass team. Prices are . Until then, you can register for 1 date only. A Disneyland Paris Annual Pass can also save you a lot of money when you stay in a Disney Hotel. Tickets valid only on the days of validity of the Annual Pass. Paul. Governing Law and Court JurisdictionThese terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of France and you and each member of your party agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Paris courts. How Australian Doomsday cult leader lured a 14-year-old girl into sex by posing as the Virgin Mary before fathering her child - and the discovery of old letters that sealed his downfall Can my family members use my hotel included tickets instead of purchasing additional do you know? The Annual Pass Holder will have early access to several parts and attractions of Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Yes, you can still use your Annual Pass for discounts whilst inside the park. We have a helpful guide on how to buy an Annual Pass online here if you need it, or if you have any other questions please do let us know. We spoke to DLP today and they confirmed that the documents have been received and submitted to the external finance team. How we use your personal information and your rights: The personal information provided in the form above is managed by Euro Disney Associs S.A.S., 1 rond-point d'Isigny, 77700 Chessy, France. Do they definitely accept documents sent via email? See how your favorite Disney stories will come to life: This group is a place to share and chat about all the latest Annual Pass news and about our resort in general! If you do buy multiple passes you can link them all to a single account so you can book the same day for all passes to save time, Thank you for this great break down on annual passes, I am at the sending documents away stage. Not sure how I can book without the tickets. However, a message has popped up saying that To setup your monthly payment, you must hold a bank account domiciled in France You make no mention of this in your guide, but it would seem to suggest that unless I have a French bank account, I cant pay monthly. Jan 1, 2020. For a single trip it would depend on how many are in the party and crunching the numbers. Is it best to email or post the form that needs to be returned and what is the address/email address to do this? . It was just with the adviser on the phone saying we only had 60 days to activate it worried us as we want them now to use the discounts but we arent going until June. TRON Lightcycle Run will officially open to all guests on April 4, 2023, with Annual Passholder previews beginning this weekend. If you booked a Hotel + Ticket package on our website or over the phone directly from Disneyland Paris, or via one of our partner operators distributing packages organised by Euro Disney Associs S.A.S. You should be okay sending the document with the IBAN number and a copy of any photo ID, such as a passport. You are unable to take guests or other AP holders into this area. I plan to choose the annual pass delivered by post and book the 3 first days of my first visit immediately when possible. Also, Did you book a tickets and hotel package before you got the Annual Pass and not use the annual pass discount. Thanks! (Euro Disney) including hotel room night(s) and park ticket(s) will receive admission for each day in the Disney Parks included in their stay and do not need to use the Park Reservation System and Guests who already have dated park tickets do not need to register and reserve a date.