If the government can get people to snitch, what else can they get people to do? Unfortunately, the news being the sissies that they are, they would not include the actual list or links to it in their reports. Labels Direct, Inc. in Chesterfield, MO on Trade Center Dr.I dont want them to know I reported. -I am concerned that an ice cream walk-up/drive-through is staying open and that no one routinely wears protection for customers or each other. Source: Eric Schmitt, Missouri attorney general, 2020 THE SUN, US, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | TERMS OF USE | PRIVACY | YOUR AD CHOICES | SITEMAP, Missouri has been at the heart of protests against stay-at-home orders put into place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, In St Louis County, people were urged to 'report violations', Details of those who reported social distancing rule flouters were shared online. Mike Parson's (R) stay-at-home orders. We believe "Patricia" to be an alias because the only two people whose names are any variant of "Patricia" in the .pdf appear to be white. Cop Blaster has obtained the full list of over 900 snitches in Missouri that submitted what they thought were anonymous tips to the government accusing people and businesses of violating social distancing orders. He defiantly told KSTV News:If they are worried about retaliation, they should have read the fine print which stated their tips would be open public record subject to a Sunshine request, and should not have submitted tips in that manner to begin with. In Missouri - where protesters have urged authorities to reduce measures during the pandemic - firms are allowed to reopen with some restrictions on May 4, the first step in the governors gradual plan that he said will lead to economic recovery. "St Louis County may be required to release this form as well as other communications as a matter of law upon request by any member of the public, including the media.". independent.co.uk/news/w. They are now experiencing the same pain that they themselves helped to inflict on those they filed complaints against.". In this particular instance, our county counselors office consulted with the [attorney general]s office on releasing the list of those who had filed complaints against county businesses. It allows a public body to close meetings and records to the public in some limited circumstances, but it almost never requires a public body to do so. 552 comments. Missouri Snitches Bad Snitches exposed by concerned citizens of Missouri united against bad snitches. New York mayor Bill de Blasio encourages people to report places that arent enforcing social distancing, Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to be automatically logged in, Please refresh your browser to be logged in, Tracking the coronavirus outbreak around the world in maps and charts. After Jared Tosch failed to respond to request for an Excel version of the emails he leaked in April of this year we have gone ahead with other means of making that data more user friendly. Snitch List. The county's web page thanks snitches for reporting. share. But, it appears that the hundreds of people flocking to fill in the form missed seeing an important sentence at the very bottom of the page. Join thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies. (100 Percent Fed Up benefits when you use this promo code. instant Karma, a dose of their own medicine. St. Louis County in Missouri wanted people to snitch on their neighbors for not following the coronavirus lockdown orders. Junkie, Thief, Pedifile, Snitch Category: Snitches - Informants City: burnsville , Virginia CHICAGO RAT (1 LEG UP) The documents were published online and then were shared all over social media. You can also copy the URL https://copblaster.com/uploads/files/missouri-coronavirus-snitches.pdf into your browser. A woman by the name of Patricia was one of the people who reported a non-essential business. Join half a million readers enjoying Newsweek's free newsletters. Editor's Note: Want to support Townhall so we can keep telling the truth about China and the virus they unleashed on the world? Doug Moore, St Louis County executives director of communications, said that details could not be redacted from the document that was shared online. I released the info in an attempt to discourage such behavior in the future.. They are now experiencing the same pain that they themselves helped to inflict on those they filed complaints against.. . Jared Totsch shared the names on of 900 Missouri residence his Facebook who'd complained to St. Louis County officials about businesses operating during the COVID-19 outbreak. Authorities then reprimanded the dobbed-in firms. Jared Totsch, who shared the names on his Facebook page on April 16 after obtaining the list of 900 complainants from St. Louis County official under Missouri's Sunshine Law, said on his Facebook page that tipsters should have realized their information could be made public, according to a report in the newspaper Independent. In this particular instance, our county counselors office consulted with the [attorney general]s office on releasing the list of those who had filed complaints against county businesses, Mr Moore told KSDK news. The Sunshine Law applies to all records of a public body, regardless of what form they are kept in, and allows the public to access documentation, unless it's covered by an exception that closes it, keeping details private. if you don't have a Cop Blaster account. Those nabbed for flouting measures can access the names and addresses of about 900 people who reported them to Missouri authorities, thanks to the state's Sunshine Law. It states the "form and any other communication may be considered an open record pursuant to the Sunshine Law. Constance Marten seen leaving court after appearing before magistrates charged with manslaughter of baby, Constance Marten and Mark Gordon blow each other a kiss in dock before court hears dead baby was found in bag in shed, Mum identified after dead baby is found on Canford Heath, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. St. Louis County may be required to release this form as well as other communications as a matter of law upon request by any member of the public, including the media.. When You Accept Their Language, You Accept Their Ideology, Brave Boy Reads Pornographic Book Out Loud To School Board Members That He Checked Out Of His Middle School Library [VIDEO], Homeless Man Shot Execution Style In Broad Daylight As Onlookers Record [VIDEO], Did Speaker Kevin McCarthy Just Pull a Massive BAIT AND SWITCH? Tucker Carlson and Staff Are NOT Allowed To Record or Remove Jan 6 Footage, Alabama Secretary Of State Visits Headquarters Of Corrupt ERIC Voter Registration Company What He Found Will Shock You. Totsch was unapologetic, especially for those employees who may lose their job for turning in their employers. LOCKDOWN 'snitches' who dobbed in hundreds of people for defying coronavirus social distancing rules fear retaliation after their details were leaked. The film was released in the United States on February 22, 2013. -. Jared Totsch shared the names on of 900 Missouri residence his Facebook who'd complained to St. Louis County officials about businesses operating during the COVID-19 outbreak. 900 Missouri residents who 'snitched' on lockdown rule-breakers fear retaliation after details leaked online. Of the 900 complaints in St Louis County, 29 were in relation to businesses, where employees were concerned that social distancing rules weren't being adhered to. 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Keyana Crittenden, Keyanacrittenden, Answer, Louis County, Samuel, Louis CountyNature, Ack1 Answer, Tracey Voss, Traceydvoss, Bye Bye Baby, Ballwin, Owner, Manchester, Lowe, Hardware StoreNature, Large Gathering, Christenbury Parkway, Robert Martin, Louis County, Bellefontaine Rd, Saint Louis, Ack1 Answer, Benson Hill, Matt Crisp, Warson, Benson Hill, Benson Hill Seeds, Benson Hill Seeds, Answer, Jean Loemker, Greenbriar Country Club, Ack1 Answer, Ack1 Answer, Robin Eschenbruecher, Great Britain, Pacific Crest, And, James Betz, Jim Kendalljimkendall, Type, Stay Home, Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur, Will, Answer, Earth City, Geri Tyrey, John, Gravois Red, Tracey Voss, Traceydvoss, Iguana Car Wash, Bridgeton MissouriDate, Michael Havard, Schaefer, Hobby Shop, Art Schaefer, Retail, Gravois Rd, Ack1, Jim Bellenger, Neputy Wellness Center, Social, Crusoe, Telegraph, Ack1 Answer, Christopher Lucchesi, Creve Coeur Lakehouse Bar Grill, Food ServiceNature, Creve Coeur Mill Rd, Erissie Alexander, Hazzard, Answer, Michele Patterson, Oakville Community, Lemay Ferry, Lemay Ferry Rd, Creve Coeur Lakehouse Bar Grill, Creve Coeur Mill, Louis, Church, Louis County Mills, Ack1 Answer, Eileen B Fraser, City Ferguson Parks Dept, Ferguson, Eileen B Fraser, Malley, Malley, Laundromat7455 W., Answer, Elsa Hermshaw, Petco, Louis, Ack1 Answer, Peter, Tuxedo Park, Ack1 Answer, Aaron Doubet, Morgan FordSt, Answer, Jason Contini, Barnes Noble, Beth Smith, Julie Claire Lane, Ladue, Barnes, County, County Executive, Krewson, Ack1, Lynette Kazban, Son, Ack1 Answer, Cornel Robinson6784375750 Type, Software, Answer, St.Paul, Ack1 Answer, Ladonna Faraci, Spa Tan, Chesterfield St. Peter, Answer, John, Lingerie Novelty Boutique, Gravois, Taylor Lehmann, Tclehmann7, Reza Movahed, Barbara MacRobie, Fabric, Laclede Station Road, Lindbergh, Joann, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Jackman, Joann, Riverfront Times, Ack1 Answer, Dawn Crunkleton, Dcrunk95, Dave Sinclair Buick, Lindbergh, Son, Donna, Orange Beauty, Ack1 Answer, Steven Strawn, Polynt, Wayne, Coatings, Social Distancing, Louis, Park, Answer, Alexandra Moeller, Maxi Beauty Supply, Flower Valley Shopping Center, Ack1 Answer, Briana Nolan, Michael, Joann, Craft, Michael, Joann, Ack1 Answer, Hallsferry, Ack1 Answer, Crusoes South, Oakville Shopping Center, Ack1 Answer, Treats, Teresa Miller Type, Stores, Treats, Illness, Treats Unleashed, Petsmart Petco, Answer, Mike Hunt, Xtreme Krav Maga, Steve Sulze Type, Gravois Bluff Blvd CFenton, Wed, Treats, Pet Bakery Boutique, Business, Petsmart Petco, Treats Unleashed, Grossman Iron, Ack1 Answer, Barbara, Huntington Beach, Collier Corporate Pkwy, St Charles, Smith, Bulbs, Ack1 Answer, Michael B Dick, Arrow Box, Box, Answer, Veronica Belko, Ballwin Public, City Public, Ballwin Public, Auto Nova, Lemay Ferry, Ack1 Answer, David Poger, Answer, Iron Mountain, Jennifer Krawitz, Matt Nord, Missouri Bottom, Answer, Aarns, Normandy Police, Afro World, Ack1 Answer, Aarns, Normandy Police, Hair SalonNature, John Doe, Gretchen Boyer Type, Paperwork, Hazel, Ack1 Answer, Aarns, Normandy, Appliance RentalNature, Ack1 Answer, Smith, Ack1 Answer, Smith, Ack1 Answer, Annie Pickerd, Valley School, Valley Park, Ack1 Answer, Lindsey Harrah, Dafna Palatnik, David Palatnik, Ocean Cohen, Yitzchak Palatnik, Charles Wentzville, Answer, Lindsey Harrah, Dafna Palatnik, David Palatnik, Ocean Cohen, Yitzchak Palatnik, Lindbergh Blvd, Debbie Penn, Clarkson Road, Covid, Answer, Aarns, Normandy PD, Cool Valley, Heacock, Williamsburg Pet Hotel, Williamsburgis, Ballwin, Donna Washington, Supply SalesNature, Page Ave, Ack1 Answer, Sarah Allen, Ack1 Answer, Donna Washington, Convergys, Village Square Shopping Center, Hazelwood, Ack1 Answer, Steven Youngbauer, Trenton Ave, Eileen Fraser, Empire Beauty Supply, Dellwood, Answer, Avenue Saint Louis, Page AvenueSaint Louis, Mark Orwig, Jimmy Johns, Fast, Mattoon, Mary Kinworthy, Fenton Parks, Public, Yarnell RoadDate, Ack1 Answer, Bridget Hoffert, Joann Fabric Crafts, Craft, Joanns, Answer, Mary Kinworthy, Doctor John, Lingerie Novelty Boutique, Gravois RoadFenton, Ack1 Answer, Dora Middleton, Doram36, Party City, Costumes, Louis, Ibelieve, Mary Kinworthy, Public, Larkin Williams Rd.Fenton, Ack1 Answer, Mike Benz, Cool Treats Ice Cream Truks, Greenmar, Ack1 Answer, Tmrede, Sam Page Type, Ack1 Answer, Bowles, Fenton, John Citizen, John Citizen, Keia Henderson, Oaknoll Nursing, Ferguson, Conovsp, Ballwin Maryland, Answer, Sean Conover, Ballwin, Gale Puellmann, Easter, Nick, Jefferson Barraks County, Group, Jefferson, Ack1 Answer, Mbrown1440, Eureka1699 West, Ack1 Answer, Keith Davis, Daviskw2004, Lutheran, Woodbine Kirkwood Rd, Clay Ave Woodbine Ave Kirkwood, Ack1 Answer, Schaefer, Hobby Shop, Art Schaefer, Hobby, Gravois Rd, Kinder Care, Answer, Devon Roth, Droth88, Super Bright, Type, Super Bright, Matt Wilson, Super Bright, St. Louis, Super Bright, Ack1, Deb Brown, Grant Full Service Car Wash, Kristen Harris, Kelley Magee, Chris Gianino Type, Answer, Paul Jones, Tashaunna, Wildwood, Ack1 Answer, Kierra Warren, Equifax, Rider Trail S, Earth City, Ack1 Answer, Jason Contini, Barnes Noble, Bookstore, Barnes Noble Fenton, Kansas City, Louis City St. Louis, Fenton Date, Barnes Noble Fenton, Kansas City, Louis City St. Louis, Kyla Martin, Equifax, James Runk, Earth City, Earth City, Kerry Amos, Jost Chemical, Ack1 Answer, Barbra, Rankinba, Answer, Lee Word, Leeword12, Beauty Supply, Saloons, North, Beuty Supply, North, Answer, Natalie Boesch, Hobby Lobby, Elm Park, Clinical Scientific, Alzheimer, Chihiro Sato, Chihiro Sato, Brentwood, Chihiro Sato, Louis County, Answer, Tyler, Answer, Chris Bolen, Michael, Ellisville, Fenton, Des, Ack1 Answer, David, Conway Meadows Condo, Condo AssociationNature, Conway Meadows, Chesterfield, Ack1 Answer, Lovitt, Schaefer, Hobby Shop, Sherry Schaeffer Type, Gravois Sunset, Laura S, Jim Bowlin Type, Social, Wildwood City, Jim Bowlin, Martin L, Type, Martin L, Laura S, Ack1 Answer, Ronneisha Whitley, David Johnson, Jasmine Falls, Jazzmanstl, Martin L, Martin L, Answer, Jeri Bross, Jeeib333, Heman Park Playgrounds, Heman, Heman Park, Olive, Heman, Bailey Wallace, Shark Bicycle, Bicycle, Owner, Answer, United BioSource, Patrick, Deadly Virus, Deadly Virus, Help Us, Hanley, Pinkdotz, Molly Maid St. Louis, Molly Maid Crestwood, Jenna Goodwin, Ack1 Answer, Ack1 Answer, Kelsey Navin, Publisher, Ann Hoover, Rider Trail S, Earth City, Fremont St, Illinois, Ack1 Answer, Iron Mountain, Missouri Bottom, Ack1 Answer, Rhianon King, Blue Iguana, Charles Rock Rd, Ack1 Answer, Shoreline Dr, Earth City, Ack1 Answer, Jeanine Anderson, Brightworx Car Washery, Lindbergh, Ack1 Answer, Johnathon Earnest, Honeywell, Workplace, Louis, Ack1 Answer, Katherine Lamonica, Lamonkl0, Club Taco Kirkwood, Kirkwood, Ack1 Answer, Kevin Clark, Doctor Johns, Ack1 Answer, Beth Paubel, Babuhr511, Williamsburg Pet Hotel, Todd Rawley Type, Manchester Rd, Ack1 Answer, Louis Department Public Health, Lydia Anderson, Blackburn Park Webster, Answer, Ack1 Answer, Craig Huddleston, Craig, Retail Billiard, Unknown, Facebook, Woodson, Sam Page, Inc, Ack1 Answer, Avery Dexter, Cat5 Commerce, Andrew Hoefener, Edison Ave, Ste B, Anglum Rd, Hazelwood, Louis County, Ack1 Answer, David Ploesser, Tapawingo Golf Course, Kevin Type, Tapawingo Golf Course Sunset, Ack1 Answer, Holy Infant Church Ballwin, Ballwin, Ack1 Answer, Village Independent Living, Ack1 Answer, Jason, Anthology Senior Living, Woods Mill RoadTown Country, Ack1 Answer, Colby Danner, Anthology Senior Living, Ack1 Answer, Pagedale Police, Beauty Supply, Page Ave, Ack1 Answer, Ack1 Answer, Smith, Galaxy Nail Bar, Bobby Gonzales, Ack1 Answer, Smith, David Bicycle Shop, Bicycle, Ack1 Answer, Smith, Galaxy Nail Bar, Ack1 Answer, Smith, Brite Worx Car Wash, Ack1 Answer, Smith, Lindbergh Lynn, Ack1 Answer, Michael Dobratz, Phantom Dr Ste, Ack1 Answer, Michael, Adie Rd Maryland Heights Mo, Ack1 Answer, Pasta FactoryNature, St Louis, Ack1 Answer, Bethany Ray, Kim Budde Type, Label ManufacturerNature, Trade Center BlvdChesterfield, Ack1 Answer, Daniel Mathias, Ack1 Answer, Diane Riley, Maplewood, Tara Perry, Non Essential, Phantom Dr, Hazelwood, Div Finance Mo, Answer, Ack1 Answer, Michele Patterson, Doggie, Rose Byrne, Telegraph Rd, Ack1 Answer, Miles, College Hunks Moving Hauling, Gary Bussard, Kim Bussard, Louis, Ack1 Answer, Jessica, Bar, Ack1 Answer, Michael, Phil Type, Valley, Ack1 Answer, Samuel, Son, Ack1 Answer, Kasnetz, Jim Scherl, Wydown Clayton, Ack1 Answer, Machine, Ack1 Answer, Ciera Brown, Ack1 Answer, Briana Smith, Shayewards198, Hazelwood, Ack1 Answer, Joe Eric Gurney Type, Hazelwood, Jason, Treats, Ack1 Answer, Ack1 Answer, Megan Morrissey, Harris, Ack1 Answer, Cheryl Stahl, Ack1 Answer, Annie Pickerd, Stay Home, Valley School Dr, Valley Park, Ack1 Answer, Pool King, Ack1 Answer, John Place, Earth CityDate, Ack1 Answer, Karen Almstedt Stedman, Dufrene Group, Ashley, Darby Owens, Type, Columbia MO, Jefferson City MO, Illinois Mt Vernon, Greenpark Industrial, Louis, Ack1 Answer, Jasmine Sherrard, Jasmine3429, Ack1 Answer, Jackson, Barth Holohan, Adult, Alzheimer, Ack1 Answer, Dajana Kaut, Brookdale Senior Living Creve Coeur, Ballas, Ack1 Answer, Smith, Charles Rock Road, Mill Road, Heights, Answer, Ack1 Answer, Smith, Title Max, Title LoansNature, Ack1 Answer, Smith, Beauty Supply Lindbergh, Applebee, Lindbergh, Applebee, Target, Ack1 Answer, Tobin Widelle, Tlw, Mid America Spine, Ack1 Answer, Icon, Joseph Academy Frontenac Plaza, Joseph Academy, Frontenac Plaza St., Ack1 Answer, Keller NDX Dental Lab, Dental, Larkin Williams Ind Ct, Fenton, Ack1 Answer, Allison Panagiotaras, Market, Market Warehouse, Saint Louis, Ack1 Answer, Brittney Hewkin, Brittneyhewkin, Custom Machine, Fenton, Unknown, Machine, Fenton, Ack1 Answer, Ferguson MO Type, Ferguson, Ack1 Answer, Samantha Gray, Haberstroh Insurance Agency, Hollenberg, Bridgeton, Karen, Ack1 Answer, Ack1 Answer, Chesterfield, Unknown, Ack1 Answer, Anne Otto, Michael, Craft, Ellisville, Ack1 Answer, Rosenthal, Morgan, Thomas, Inc, Ack1 Answer, Jacquelyn Hudson, Jacquelyn Hudson Type, Adult, Ferry Road, Ack1 Answer, Randthires1, Scott L. Tauben Type, Ack1 Answer, Monica Maldonado, Andy Type, Lackland Rd St., John, Canada Mexico, Ack1 Answer, Thornton, Ack1 Answer, Napleton St Louis Nissan, Page Ave, Ack1 Answer, Ciera Brown, Ack1 Answer, David, Rick Saffer Type, Saint Louis County, Stay Home Order, Phantom Dr, Hazelwood, Yutrfg, Lindbergh BlvdFlorissant, Ack1 Answer, Ack1 Answer, Thomas Kimes, Ballwin, Ack1 Answer, Nathan Shipley, Ballwin, Ack1 Answer, Susan Lindemann, Silver Fox Saloon, Lenny, Bar, Owner, Ack1 Answer, Jessica, Equifax Workforce, Jim, Type, Equifax, Equifax Workforce Solutions, Equifax, Rider Trail South, Earth, Ball, Earth City, Ack1 Answer, Keith Ernst, Michaels Arts, Non Essential Business Open St. Louis, Louis County, Center, Miles15911 Manchester Rd, Des Peres, Ack1 Answer, Michele Patterson, Ack1 Answer, Michael Doll, Brite Worx Car Wash, Brtie Worx, Brite Worx, St. Louis County, Brite Worx, Ack1 Answer, Brianna Buehrle, Ballwin, Ack1 Answer, Jakira Woodfork, Health Violation, Lemay Ferry, St Louis, Iwas, Ack1 Answer, Chad Alan Shanks, Joseph Richard, Renter, Natalie Boesch, Hobby Lobby, Elm Park, Answer, Barbara Payne, Bjpayne5016, Tennis, Court, Blackberry, Ack1 Answer, Ack1 Answer, Bausch Lomb, Lomb, Bausch Lomb, Whenthey, Ack1 Answer, Ashlee Plume, Ashleestroot, Fenpark, Fenton, Ack1 Answer, Dennise Hernton, Hanley, Illinois Missouri, Ack1 Answer, Harold Hamby Type, Business, Rider Trail NorthEarth City, Direct, Harold Hamby, Ack1 Answer, James Sieckmann, Edison AveChesterfield, Ack1 Answer, Janet Hanewinkel, Ray, Linda Hoffman, Hoffman, Joann, Craft, Craft, Ack1 Answer, Rick Brenner, Craft, Louis County, Beth Farmer, Jan Doe, Nick Gladson, Al St Louis, Google Mattress Firm, Ack1 Answer, Charles Rock, Ack1 Answer, Denise Beckman, Federicka4, Controller Chaos, John, Schenk DrMaryland, Coronaoutbreak, Ack1 Answer, Jon, Public, Flynn Park Tennis Courts, Flynn Park Tennis Courts, Ack1 Answer, Dorris Bauer, Hobby Lobby, Ack1 Answer, Daniel, Closet Factory Stl, Cabinet Manufacturing, Fenpark Drive, Fenton, Ack1 Answer, Kurt Weiss, Kfweiss12, Ahn, Tesson Ferry, Ack1 Answer, Michael McBride, Blue Vapor, Ack1 Answer, Diana, Missdiannakehlaniredd89, Church, Louis, Ack1 Answer, Alex Meyer, Ack1 Answer, Mary McMurtrey, Bingomcgrace, Maggie Moos, Ladue, Ack1 Answer, James, Benson Hill, Matt Crispmcrisp, Answer, Darby Robinson, Robinson, Ladh U Studio, Ack1 Answer, Jacob Adam Rudy, Bmxjakerudy, Gateway Blvd, Iworry, Answer, John, Jcounys9997, Angie Vaiana, Silky, Mitchell, Demarcojones22, Hobby Lobby, Kirkwood, Ack1 Answer, Ack1 Answer, Elizabeth Floerchinger, Honeywell Intelligrated Olive Blvd, Olive Blvd.Olivette, Daily, Work, Natalie, Hyatt, Natalie, Ellen M, Alex Smith, Lambert, Ack1 Answer, Andys Frozen Custard Maplewood, Springfield, Andy, Hanley, Kenneth Anglin, Aanglin12783, Clayton Med Spa, Greg, Brentwood Blvd, Louis Mo, Ack1 Answer, Sjhaug71, Kevin, Ack1 Answer, Colette Morton, Morden01, Jason Type, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Ohio Avenue, Louis, Maelstrom, Mr. Teru, Cotyteru, Owner, Hair, Hills, Anne Roux, Cooltimes Icecream, Hanna Big, Answer, Chris Pitucha, Doctor John, Lingerie Novelty Boutique, Lingerie, Fenton, Ack1 Answer, Hazelwood, Answer, Cheyenne R Courtway, Greenbriar Hills Country Club, Matthew Lacefield Type, Country Club, Social, Lynda Brown, Mimi Beauty Supply Hair Wigs, Beauty Supply, Charles Rock Road St., John MO, Schnucks, Lucy Erdman, Wiethop, Wiethop, Barrett Station, April1Breach Continuing, Ack1 Answer, Sarah F, Jeannine, Jeannine Crider Type, Hair SalonNature, Owner, Monroe Suite, Ack1 Answer, Kelly, Panera Bread Festus, Amanda, Reavis, Harley Davison, Betsy Zieseniss, Louis County, St Louis County, Thank, Ink, Amanda Keitzer, Jimmy, Missouri, Louis, Diamond St. Louis, Jimmy, Missouri Eman, Neighbour Missouri Stl, Missouri, Bethany Ray, Labels Directat, Trade Center, Bethany, Tara Perry, Deidre Jones, Stay Home, Deidre, Mark Williams, Kelly Williams, Dunn, Mark William Dibble, Nancy Woolbright, Pamela Foster, Diane Wilson, Harrissmustangsally8078, Missouri Governor, Shethen, Louis County, Louis County, Bridgeton, Tina Van, Kate Nevins, Kate Nevins, Oliver, Coffee Flower Bar Maplewood, Ralph Krech, Breckenridge East, County Counselor, Beth OrwickSt, Louis, Jaci Kuykendall, County Counselor, Beth OrwickSt, Louis, Mon, County Counselor, Beth OrwickSt, Louis, Albertson, Louis, Louis, Saint Louis, County Counselor, Beth OrwickSt, Louis, Alen Totic, County Counselor, Beth OrwickSt, Louis, St. Louis County, Subject, County Counselor, Missouri Bar, Beth OrwickSt, Louis, Paulette Taykowski, Sam, County Counselor, Departmentof Public Health, Missouri Bar, Beth OrwickSt, Louis, Lefarth, County Counselor, Missouri Bar, Beth OrwickSt, Louis, Suzan Paige, County Counselor, Beth OrwickSt, Louis, Rico, Mon, Beth, Rico, Omni, County Counselor, Beth OrwickSt, Louis, 5/18/2020 - You can find all the phone numbers extracted at https://copblaster.com/blast/20612/missouri-stay-at-home-snitch-phone-numbers.
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